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Benefits of NutriTutor® Progams

 Health benefits seen By NutriTutor® patients

Have Diabetes? Now What? 

Found out you or a family member has diabetes? NutriTutor® can help. We do what no other program or website does because we offer comprehensive interactive tutorials instructing you in all of the topic areas needed to live healthy with diabetes … plus you can have your own personal Registered Dietitian or Certified Diabetes Educator who will answer your questions and guide you through any difficulties.  Even more, NutriTutor® ensures your success by providing lifelong support and learning.  At NutriTutor® we are there for you. We are committed to helping you become empowered to conquer your diabetes and improve your health. 


  • Maintain safe glucose levels to preserve your health 
  • Reach your goal weight with a proven weight loss system
  • Halt diabetes and blood vessel disease progression
  • Prevent and hinder nutrition related cancers
  • Lower your healthcare costs through prevention
  • Gain peace of mind when you travel far from your physician
  • Eliminate food-related insecurities and fears
  • Receive personal attention from a Registered Dietitian and/or Certified Diabetes Educator
  • Achieve needed skills using a fun approach
  • Obtain customized meal plans
  • Receive lifelong emotional support and learning
  • Gain understanding why NOW is the time to act and prevent further damage

NutriTutor® programs are for people of all ages who have pre-diabetes (borderline diabetes), type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome with high glucose levels, and steroid-induced diabetes. 

The main reason NutriTutor® programs are so effective is that we provide individualized diabetes education while also solving all of the customary barriers to learning found in diabetes education programs.  Our clinicians reach out to you through customized interactive online programming 24 hours a day while also providing telephonic consultations that extend into the evening.  We also give you plenty of time to learn and the support you need to make lifestyle changes, empowering you to conquer your diabetes. 

 Why NutriTutor®? 

With NutriTutor®, you will learn all of the essential topics and develop all of the vital skills needed to control diabetes as outlined by the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) and American Diabetes Association. Our programs are comprehensive and follow the AADE content guidelines.

In my clinical practice,

"My father can't say enough good things about your program, Laurie. He thinks you walk on water!"
Erin Moore, Hudson, FL 

"Laurie, you touched my heart and lifted my spirit the very first time we met. I was facing a situation (with my diabetes control) that troubled me … You said, 'Don't worry, I'm going to help you through this.'  You were never too busy to communicate with me…and with all my heart…thank you and God bless and keep you."
Helen R. James, Tampa, FL 

"What I have learned (from NutriTutor®) and the practices I have put into place have allowed me to eliminate my two prescription drugs while keeping my glucose levels within normal and acceptable ranges 24 hours a day."
Thomas Brown, Zephyrhills, FL 

NutriTutor® is a self-guided training tool that puts you on the right track for effective diabetes management through learning modules, skills training, and social support. Because it is web-based, everything you need is available to you at your convenience--including Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator consultations!  NutriTutor® puts YOU in control of treating your diabetes--or your loved one's diabetes.  And you don't need a prescription.  See the difference NutriTutor® offers in comparison to your traditional alternative--hospital-based diabetes centers.

Comparative Features


Traditional Programs

Cost of lost work and travel


Average 4-16 hours lost work + mileage = $_________

Educational format

Self-study with interactive feedback

Classroom style group instruction


Member-focused, 24-7 access, evening clinician hours available

Clinician-focused traditional weekday schedule

Skills training



Customized meal plans

Two customized meal plans for weight change AND weight maintenance

One customized meal plan for weight change OR weight maintenance

Take-home manual



Support group membership

Daily 24-7 access

Once monthly, if offered at all

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Did you know, NutriTutor® programs are covered under your Flexible Medical Account? 
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